Local food at its best! From thinking outside of the box on their food to giving it their own personal touch it sure brings about the meaning of casual dining. Most importantly according to the name "Brewing Company"; I have personally been in the back on a brewing day and have a lot of respect for the way they clean and sanitize their equipment. After all, the first step to a great beer is clean and sanitary equipment. if the sanitation is bad (Which I'm sure you've no doubt noticed at a chain restaurant) the beer tastes "Skunky, dirty, blan, gross, off-kilter, etc). Looking for a multitude of beer tastes? Drop by this excellent restaurant and be prepared for a great meal!
Stephan T (4-11-17)

I grew up in Watertown and come back to visit family a few times per year. I've always had my favorite places that I'm sure to hit on each visit if time allows. WBC will now be joining that very selective list! The atmosphere is comfortably polished. The menu is inventive. The food is not only pleasing to the eye, but more importantly to the taste buds. And the beer is GREAT! Best microbrewery in the area that I've found. This is a gem in among Watertown's many fast food and pizza joints!
 Jody (2-7-17)

"Great Food, great environment, very friendly staff! Super clean and good beer!!" - Courtney Linke (1-6-18)

"We had a fabulous experience with four adults and six kids! Great service, great food and great staff! We loved the ranch! So yummy! They were fabulous to our kids as well!" - Maria Swartos (3-11-18)

"The husband and I ate there for the first time tonight and it was amazing. The beer is wonderful and the food is amazing. Staff was just as wonderful!! Highly recommend this place!!!!!!!" - Nikki Cordell Petersen (1-6-18)

"Went over lunch and it was BY FAR the best lunch I've ever had!! Homemade from scratch from the main entree all the way to the sauce. Mmm, compliments to the chef and very friendly staff, we will be back-- Thank you =) 12/10" - Aly McNamara-Hanes (11-15-17)